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10 Online Magazines for Developers and Designers

PHP Magazine PHP Magazine is an online magazine in the form of a blog. There are posts that range many different categories, mainly PHP, but others from within their network of sites. There is information from software and book reviews to articles and tutorials. Ajax

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The Five Most Important Webmaster Guidelines

Webmaster guidelines play a major role in the SEO game because it helps you rank better in search results and also keeps your site from being banned by the search engines. Not following these roles will definitely hurt the traffic that comes from search engines.

5 Best Free FTP Programs

. Any webmaster knows the importance of a good FTP program. Although we can accomplish FTP requirements through a command line program, whether it be on Windows or a flavor of *nix, that is not always the most efficient way. A good program is typically

The Best Developer Cheat Sheets Around

Who doesn’t like a helpful cheat sheet to have around? They save so much time and really help you learn what you are working with in an easy to understand format. I have gathered a list of the cheat sheets I have found to be

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What can we expect from HTML 5?

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has been working to set the specifications for the new HTML 5. They have produced a document that outlines all the changes, deletions, and additions. This draft is very long and a little tiring to read, so I’ve tried

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10 WordPress Plugins Everyone Should Have

As a follow up to my earlier post on how to create your own wordpress widget, I have compiled a list of wordpress plugins that everyone should have. You don’t necessarily have to use them all the time; however, they should be installed and ready

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Discover the Power of Cron Jobs

Cron jobs are commands run by the unix program cron. The cron program takes a specific syntax and runs the command at every time interval set by the user. These are used to automate scripts of all kinds. There are a lot of uses out

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10 Most Common Church Website Features

A church website needs to offer its members and visitors a feature set that will keep them engaged and interested in knowing more about the church and its ministries. This will keep them visiting the site on a continual basis and keep members informed and