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My Everyday Web Developer/Designer Toolbox

Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 I use Dreamweaver for all of my coding needs. I use it to write (X)HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript for my sites. There are many free options available to do what I need, like HTML-Kit, but I’m hooked on the code editor

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Understanding and Creating an XML Sitemap

Sitemaps are a big part of the SEO game. The main reason for generating a Sitemap (Sitemap with a capital “S” denotes an XML Sitemap) is to help ensure all your web pages are listed in the search engine indexes. It is incredibly important to

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The Five Most Important Webmaster Guidelines

Webmaster guidelines play a major role in the SEO game because it helps you rank better in search results and also keeps your site from being banned by the search engines. Not following these roles will definitely hurt the traffic that comes from search engines.