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New Resources Posted – PHP Frameworks

There is a new section on the Resources page for Frameworks. This section of the resources page lists popular PHP frameworks like Zend Framework, which is my personal favorite, and CakePHP. The six common PHP frameworks that were added are also listed in this article.

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PHP Date Tips & Tricks

For those of you using PHP to develop your web pages, I’m sure that you have used the date function at some point. There are so many cases that I have used this to show a date on a page, like using date(“Y”) in the

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phpMyAdmin 3.1.0 Relesased

For those of you that are as hooked on phpMyAdmin as I am, you will be happy to know that there is a new version available. phpMyAdmin 3.1.0 includes a number of improvements and fixes. The list of improvements includes security updates, language updates, export

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How In-Demand Are Your Skills?

Have you ever wondered if your skills are in demand? With so many different possibilities available for web development, it is tough to know if you should keep mastering a specific technology or start learning a new one. After reading an article about how PHP

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ZendCon 08 Slides Available On Zend Developer Zone

Zend Technologies held their fourth ZendCon conference, ZendCon 08, in Santa Clara, CA from September 15-18. In case you weren’t able to attend (like me) or just want to see them again, the presentations from the conference are available online. You can view the ZendCon

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300+ PHP Presentations Online

The PHP Presentation System hosts over three hundred presentations, covering a slew of different topics including performance, testing, debugging, XML, and security. The presentations are from speakers at a variety of conferences. You will see (and hear if interested) presentations from speakers like Derick Rethans,

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phpMyAdmin Released Yesterday

. phpMyAdmin was released yesterday. The main reason for the updated release is to patch bugs and security issues. There were some XSS problems reported by Aung Khant from the YGN Ethical Hacker Group. The two main fixes are both XSS related, one having

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Commonly Used Regular Expressions

Here is a function that I have developed in PHP for checking to see if data is in a valid format. These are some of the common validations I have needed while programming various projects and websites. Regular expressions are some of the most powerful