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My Everyday Web Developer/Designer Toolbox

Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 I use Dreamweaver for all of my coding needs. I use it to write (X)HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript for my sites. There are many free options available to do what I need, like HTML-Kit, but I’m hooked on the code editor

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Yahoo! vs. Google: Comparing Search Results

Have you ever wanted to see where your website shows up in the two major search engines for a particular keyword? Well, now you can. Yahoo! vs. Google compares the first 100 search results between the two search engines. You can enter a search term

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Understanding and Creating an XML Sitemap

Sitemaps are a big part of the SEO game. The main reason for generating a Sitemap (Sitemap with a capital “S” denotes an XML Sitemap) is to help ensure all your web pages are listed in the search engine indexes. It is incredibly important to