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How In-Demand Are Your Skills?

Have you ever wondered if your skills are in demand? With so many different possibilities available for web development, it is tough to know if you should keep mastering a specific technology or start learning a new one. After reading an article about how PHP

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Easily Compare Lightbox Clones

The Lightbox Clones Matrix lets you easily compare different lightbox clones in a table format. The table, or matrix, lists many of the features for each of the options and compares them side by side. Using jQuery to create the sortable table, the comparison matrix

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dhtmlxGrid Creates Beautiful DHTML Tables Using Ajax

dhtmlxGrid is an open source (GPL) “spreadsheet” using Ajax to create DHTML tables that look amazing and function beautifully. dhtmlxGrid can bind data from many different types of data sources, including XML, CSV, JavaScript arrays, and HTML Tables. Large datasets are no problem either. The

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LightWindow JavaScript Framework Review

LightWindow is a JavaScript framework based on Prototype and Scriptaculous. If you aren’t familiar with these two amazing resources, it is definitely worth your time to become familiar with them. They are two of the most useful resources available for Web 2.0 developing. LightWindow takes