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ZendCon 08 Slides Available On Zend Developer Zone

Zend Technologies held their fourth ZendCon conference, ZendCon 08, in Santa Clara, CA from September 15-18. In case you weren’t able to attend (like me) or just want to see them again, the presentations from the conference are available online. You can view the ZendCon

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The Basics of CHMOD

What is CHMOD? CHMOD is a Unix shell command, short for change mode, that can change the permissions of a file or directory. CHMOD uses references (or classes), operators, and modes to assign permissions for users to files. CHMOD can be used in a string

Why FreeBSD Is My Favorite *nix OS

. Installation FreeBSD provides a very easy installation process; it uses Sysinstall as an automated installation package to do it for you. All you have to do is answer some questions to create users and tell it which software to install and you are on

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PrototypeXtensions Extends Prototype.js and

PrototypeXtensions adds additional components to Prototype.js and, two of the most popular and widely used JavaScript frameworks/libraries available. While these are extremely useful tools for creating visual effects, UI improvements, and Ajax methods, the creators of PrototypeXtensions realized a need for additional components. The

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Easily Compare Lightbox Clones

The Lightbox Clones Matrix lets you easily compare different lightbox clones in a table format. The table, or matrix, lists many of the features for each of the options and compares them side by side. Using jQuery to create the sortable table, the comparison matrix

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HTML and CSS Tutorials from HTML Dog

HTML Dog offers HTML and CSS tutorials for a beginner, intermediate, and advanced web designer/developer. The website is very well designed and easy to navigate. The information in the tutorials is clear, concise, informative, very useful, and overall well written. You can also get information

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15 Places to Find Your Next CSS Layout

Creating a theme is a multistep process. You have to pick the color scheme, decide how many graphics to include and what purpose they will serve, as well as decide on a layout. Sometimes it isn’t easy to decide on a layout and it would

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dhtmlxGrid Creates Beautiful DHTML Tables Using Ajax

dhtmlxGrid is an open source (GPL) “spreadsheet” using Ajax to create DHTML tables that look amazing and function beautifully. dhtmlxGrid can bind data from many different types of data sources, including XML, CSV, JavaScript arrays, and HTML Tables. Large datasets are no problem either. The

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Collection of ActionScript Cheat Sheets offers a number of ActionScript related cheat sheets, including one for both version 2.0 and version 3.0 of ActionScript. There are cheat sheets listing the available packages, details about specific packages, and overviews. A lot of the cheat sheets are PDFs that contain multiple