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5 Best Code Snippet Directories

I use mostly PHP to create my websites. I often have a need for a simple piece of code that would make my life so much easier, but I don’t know how to write it easily or efficiently. This is when I turn to the

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How does my website rank?

Having a regularly viewed website is a goal for most bloggers and websites on the internet. Driving traffic to your site is not always easy and even harder to maintain. The content needs to be fresh, relevant, and worth reading. Well, how do you know

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Does my website really need a feed?

Whenever a new technology comes out, there is always a lag for adoption and implementation. In my case, when RSS/Atom feeds came out, I too did not adopt them immediately. Before Google Reader came along, I didn’t use feeds, let alone implement them into my

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5 Best Christian Webmaster Resources

Here is my “Best of” list. I know there are tons of “Best of” lists floating around on blogs, but I have never read one that was for Christian webmasters looking to improve everywhere they can. This list is as much for me as anyone