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Fix the Dreamweaver CS3 No Response FTP Error

Dreamweaver CS3 is a great tool for web developers. It has tons of bells and whistles that help make developing a lot faster and easier. Despite the great things I have to say about it, there is one problem that I experienced while using it

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Easily Create Custom Error Pages

Chances are we’ve all been to a web page that no longer exists and have been staring at an error page that looks plain and provides virtually no useful information (other than the warning saying the page no longer exists). That’s because Apache has included

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How To Begin Podcasting

For those of you that are new to podcasting, you should really jump on the bandwagon. Podcasting is a great way to keep people engaged and involved. Podcasting is just one of the many amazing resources available to companies, personal sites, and churches alike. Many

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Fix the WordPress Admin Access Forbidden Error

The Problem Here is a quick tip on how to fix an all too common error when using WordPress on a shared host. I have been using WordPress for a while now, and I was comfortable with how it works and operates, until yesterday. When

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Discover the Power of Cron Jobs

Cron jobs are commands run by the unix program cron. The cron program takes a specific syntax and runs the command at every time interval set by the user. These are used to automate scripts of all kinds. There are a lot of uses out

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Creating a WordPress Widget

If you are reading this post, you are familiar with a wordpress widget because you can see multiple widgets displayed in the right hand sidebar of this theme. The Archives, Recent Posts, Blogroll, and Links are all wordpress widgets. If you are asking yourself, “why