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Create 360° Images With Rollerblade.js

Rollerblade.js is a jQuery plugin for easily creating smooth image rotators. If you are designing a website theme, especially if that theme is for e-commerce, I would recommend checking out Rollerblade. You can see an example on the main site and grab the code at the github

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Style Your Table With Tablecloth

Tablecloth is a small (6 KB) and simple JavaScript file that lets you add some styling and actions to your tables. As you see in the screenshot above, you can highlight the row and column you are looking at. As you hover over the table

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How In-Demand Are Your Skills?

Have you ever wondered if your skills are in demand? With so many different possibilities available for web development, it is tough to know if you should keep mastering a specific technology or start learning a new one. After reading an article about how PHP

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Print Specific Parts of a Page With jPrintArea

If you have ever wanted/needed to be able to print just part of a page before, now you can. jPrintArea will allow you to print only the contents of a specific element (Ex: div). There aren’t a lot of extra bells & whistles that go

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Free Online Tech Books from Techotopia

Techotopia offers free online books that cover a number of subjects including programming languages, security,  and Linux. The books are hosted on their wiki and are available to read online. The four main books that brought me to this site are: PHP Essentials MySQL Essentials

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PrototypeXtensions Extends Prototype.js and

PrototypeXtensions adds additional components to Prototype.js and, two of the most popular and widely used JavaScript frameworks/libraries available. While these are extremely useful tools for creating visual effects, UI improvements, and Ajax methods, the creators of PrototypeXtensions realized a need for additional components. The

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Create Beautiful Image Galleries With Galleria

Galleria is a clean and easy to implement image gallery based on jQuery. This is a great tool if you need to add an image gallery to your site and don’t want to use a flash based gallery. I prefer JavaScript and CSS galleries over