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5 Best Web Design & Developer Deal Sites

Most people are familiar with the big name deal sites like Woot, Dealnews, and Meh. However, many may not be as familiar or familiar at all with some really great deal sites that are geared toward web designers and web developers. These deal sites include

Create 360° Images With Rollerblade.js

Rollerblade.js is a jQuery plugin for easily creating smooth image rotators. If you are designing a website theme, especially if that theme is for e-commerce, I would recommend checking out Rollerblade. You can see an example on the main site and grab the code at the github

Should I use tables for layout?

In case you were wondering… this website answers the question: should I use tables for layout? I just wanted to share the link; I found it quite amusing.

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Hangin’ Around the PatternCooler

If you are in need of a background pattern for your website, PatternCooler is likely to have what you want. There are thousands of backgrounds available for download and are freely available for your use: “All artworks on this site can be used freely on

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Free HTML and CSS Form Templates From

The Free HTML Form Template Gallery offers 75+ HTML form templates to fit a wide array of needs. They have form templates for registration, mailing lists, surveys, order forms, and much more. These templates can be downloaded as a zip file or customized to fit

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More Color Scheme Options At helps you pick a color scheme/palette from a single color. There are many of these websites out there now, but this is one of the first sites (available since 2003) to offer color mixing. The website is easy to use and understand, thanks to