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Best Political WordPress Themes

The US 2016 Presidential Elections are starting to become more and more of the news on a daily basis and with that in mind, I thought a list of some of the best themes on ThemeForest might be helpful.

3 Helpful Dummy Generators

Designing a new website means having content, images, and data to design around and test with. This article shows three helpful dummy generators: a dummy data generator (lorem ipsum), a dummy image generator, and a dummy data generator.

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The 5 Most Popular Posts of the Month – October 2008

The 5 most popular Posts of the month in October were: Why FreeBSD Is My Favorite *nix OS “FreeBSD provides a very easy installation process; it uses Sysinstall as an automated installation package to do it for you. All you have to do is answer

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My Everyday Web Developer/Designer Toolbox

Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 I use Dreamweaver for all of my coding needs. I use it to write (X)HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript for my sites. There are many free options available to do what I need, like HTML-Kit, but I’m hooked on the code editor

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15 Places to Find Your Next CSS Layout

Creating a theme is a multistep process. You have to pick the color scheme, decide how many graphics to include and what purpose they will serve, as well as decide on a layout. Sometimes it isn’t easy to decide on a layout and it would

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The 5 Most Popular Posts of the Month – August 2008

The 5 most popular Posts of the month in August were: Library of Over 500 Free Database Models “There are over 500 free database models at this website. They are all viewable in data model form and can be saved as an image or printed.

10 Online Magazines for Developers and Designers

PHP Magazine PHP Magazine is an online magazine in the form of a blog. There are posts that range many different categories, mainly PHP, but others from within their network of sites. There is information from software and book reviews to articles and tutorials. Ajax