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Web Hosting Reviews 2016

Starting a website, whether you are a beginner or a professional, often requires taking a chance on a first web hosting service or a new web hosting service. Most of us have been burned by web hosting providers in the past and finding a fast, secure, and reliable host is sometimes a more daunting task that I’d like to take on at the start of a new project.

That being said, the team over at have compiled a list for us. This list of reviews is quite large (already at 27 at the time of this post) and more are planned. Their review process is well documented and should be noted that they actually sign up for and use the hosts they review. The other notable difference is that the reviews do not contain any affiliate links back to the web hosts so it isn’t driving revenue for them to review and/or rate well any particular web host.

Check out the current reviews at Web Hosting Reviews 2016.

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