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3 Helpful Dummy Generators

Blind Text Generator – Dummy Text

Blind Text Generator is a dummy text generator tool that helps you create dummy text to use when you are designing a website and need text to fill an area, test fonts, or test formatting options. This site has two main features, one for a block of text and one for html. The block of text will allow you to pick the text content (which defaults to Lorem Ipsum) the number of words and paragraphs to be generated. The HTML feature provides fourteen different snippets to be used as is.

Dynamic Dummy Image Generator – Dummy Images

Dynamic Dummy Image Generator is a tool that lets create placeholder images based on options you set either through the tool itself or the URL. The four options available to adjust the image for your needs are size, color, format, and text. One of the other nice features about this site is the listing of standard IAB ad sizes at the bottom of the page so you will have a guideline to work from if you are looking for ad placeholder images.

Mockaroo – Dummy Data Set

Mockaroo is a dummy data generator tool that lets you create and download dummy data sets of up to 1000 rows for free (above that row count requires payment). The data set can be downloaded in CSV, JSON, SQL, and Excel formats as well as saved for later if you sign up for an account. The most impressive and possibly most helpful feature offered in my opinion is the realistic data that is generated. There are eighty-seven different data types from seven different categories to choose from when creating a data set ranging from cities to color to business names.

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