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UptimeRobot – Free Website Monitoring

I have been looking for a website up-time monitoring solution for awhile now. I have used a couple of website monitoring services in the past and have been fairly pleased with them. However, this never stops me from looking around for a better option. Fortunately for myself, I recently stumbled across a new service called UptimeRobot. I have been using UptimeRobot for about a month now and am ready to recommend the service.

There are five main items that sold me on the service:

  • There is no cost; the service is totally free. The entire feature set is available to you at no cost with no hidden fees. Their blog talks about their commitment to keeping the service free.
  • Your websites are monitored in 5 minute intervals. Most website monitoring services offer monitoring in 30 minute intervals for free and only offer more frequent checks at a price.
  • You can monitor up to 50 websites. It goes without saying that 50 is plenty of monitors. Who could expect more for free?
  • Instant notification of down-time and subsequent up-time with alerts through e-mail, SMS, twitter, and RSS. There is also a feature which allows you to have more than one person receive an alert.
  • Standard (http) and secure (https) protocols are supported.

Have you tried UptimeRobot yet? If so, let us know what you think in the comments.

Get alerts by e-mail, SMS, Twitter or RSS

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