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The 5 Most Popular Posts of the Month – October 2008

The 5 most popular Posts of the month in October were:

  1. Why FreeBSD Is My Favorite *nix OS
    “FreeBSD provides a very easy installation process; it uses Sysinstall as an automated installation package to do it for you. All you have to do is answer some questions to create users and tell it which software to install and you are on your way to being up and running in a matter of minutes. The full installation takes longer that a few minutes to complete, but using Sysinstall to set the installation parameters is very quick.”
  2. Free HTML and CSS Form Templates From
    “The Free HTML Form Template Gallery offers 75+ HTML form templates to fit a wide array of needs. They have form templates for registration, mailing lists, surveys, order forms, and much more. These templates can be downloaded as a zip file or customized to fit a more specific need you may have (requires a free account).”
  3. Free Online Tech Books from Techotopia
    “Techotopia offers free online books that cover a number of subjects including programming languages, security,  and Linux. The books are hosted on their wiki and are available to read online.”
  4. Easily Compare Lightbox Clones
    “The Lightbox Clones Matrix lets you easily compare different lightbox clones in a table format. The table, or matrix, lists many of the features for each of the options and compares them side by side. Using jQuery to create the sortable table, the comparison matrix is very fast and easy to use. There are comparisons for 46 lightbox clones comparing seven different features.”
  5. PrototypeXtensions Extends Prototype.js and
    “PrototypeXtensions adds additional components to Prototype.js and, two of the most popular and widely used JavaScript frameworks/libraries available. While these are extremely useful tools for creating visual effects, UI improvements, and Ajax methods, the creators of PrototypeXtensions realized a need for additional components.”

What was your favorite post this month? Let us know in the comments.

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