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Style Your Table With Tablecloth

Tablecloth is a small (6 KB) and simple JavaScript file that lets you add some styling and actions to your tables. As you see in the screenshot above, you can highlight the row and column you are looking at. As you hover over the table cells, the rows and columns are highlighted that correspond to the cell you are hovering over. Once you click a cell, Tablecloth will highlight, and keep highlighted, the row and column that make the intersection at the cell selected.

The script is fully customizable through a CSS file (1 KB). There is a default theme, or skin, that comes with the download but can be changed to match your website color scheme. The CSS and JavaScript file together are small and fast loading, adding very little overhead to your page load time.

I did not see any license information available; however, the website does list how to modify the code. This script is written by Alen Grakalic from Css Globe. You can see additional features, view demos, view usage examples, and download Tablecloth from the website.

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