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Simple and Free Flash MP3 Players for Your Website

There are many cases that require a streaming music solution for your website. If you are in need of a free and simple flash mp3 player for your website then you should check out This website offers multiple flash mp3 players that may provide you with just what you need. The available players have very few bells and whistles, but they are easy to use, customize, and set up.

There are a total of five different players to choose from: mini, normal, maxi, multi, and js. They all provide customization options like colors and auto play. One of the my favorite features is the built in keyboard shortcuts for controlling playback. You can preview the players, read the documentation, use a generator to create your player, download the player, and view the license agreement for each of the five players. The website states that “[t]he player is under the Creative Commons BY SA and MPL 1.1 license. You can use the player without citing the author” (

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