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ZendCon 08 Slides Available On Zend Developer Zone

Zend Technologies held their fourth ZendCon conference, ZendCon 08, in Santa Clara, CA from September 15-18. In case you weren’t able to attend (like me) or just want to see them again, the presentations from the conference are available online. You can view the ZendCon 08 Slides from the Zend Developer Zone website.

There are 60 different presentations available currently with a possibility of more on the way. They cover a wide range of topics including MySQL (Jay Pipes), Facebook development (Brett Harris), PECL (Elizabeth M Smith), scaling PHP applications (Shahar Evron), and many more. The presentations are broken down by the day they were presented and show you the speaker and session name. Here are a few of the presentations that I’ll be checking out this weekend.

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