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PrototypeXtensions Extends Prototype.js and

PrototypeXtensions adds additional components to Prototype.js and, two of the most popular and widely used JavaScript frameworks/libraries available. While these are extremely useful tools for creating visual effects, UI improvements, and Ajax methods, the creators of PrototypeXtensions realized a need for additional components. The library is currently at version 0.1.2 and is released under MIT License. There are three main categories of additions, or extensions, that are added by this library with specific features within each category. I have listed a basic feature overview below.


  • Core Extension
    • Class.accessors
    • Cookie
    • Browser
    • EventManager
    • Number
    • String
  • History
    • History
    • Observer
    • Registry
    • Ajax
  • Tabs
    • Show/Hide
    • Select
    • Ajax/iframe
    • Options
    • CSS Theme

There are detailed explanations and examples for each feature available so be sure to check out the website for more detailed features and information. You can download the current release in the original uncompressed form or download the smalled Minified and Gzipped version.

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