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More Color Scheme Options At helps you pick a color scheme/palette from a single color. There are many of these websites out there now, but this is one of the first sites (available since 2003) to offer color mixing. The website is easy to use and understand, thanks to it’s clean and intuitive design and interface. There are a ton of features but enough to get the job done. I’ve listed the major features below.


  • Color scheme of 9 similar colors (8 colors and black)
  • Sample preview for viewing the scheme with content
  • Color slider to pick a color based on RGB values.
  • Create scheme from Hex code
  • Load predefined themes
  • Ability to bookmark your theme
  • Export your theme for Photoshop, Illustrator, or as a text file

There are also a few downloads available that you can host on your own site. One version uses PHP & MySQL, which allows for the export functions, while the other includes no PHP which allows you to run in on any webserver. The second download is basically all JavaScript.

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