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Learn Everything About a Website From Quarkbase

Quarkbase is a website offering a mashup of information pertaining to websites. Information is gathered showing you information about a website’s traffic, company, social popularity, technical specs, and more. The information is gathered from a number of sources including Zoominfo, CrunchBase, Bloglines, Dmoz and Dealipedia. There is a bookmarklet available to allow you to easily get information about websites while you browse by auto loading the website you are viewing into the quarkbase website and opening the available information in a new tab (tested in Firefox).

Progress Bar
Although this feature isn’t much more than eye-candy, there is a nice progress bar that indicates how much information has been compiled and how much is left.
The summary section displays a screenshot of the website entered as well as a general summary of information regarding pertinent information from the categories detailed below.
The introduction section gives a picture of the website logo and general information about the website. You can read a description of the website, see tags about the website, get links to the official about and contact pages, and see basic domain registration information. You can also see a list of websites that contain similar information and content.
Social Popularity
The social popularity section provides information from social websites including Digg, Delicious, Reddit, Technorati, and StumbleUpon. There are counts for how many times the website entered shows up on each of these social websites. You can see some specifics like how many diggs it has received on digg, how many comments it has received on StumbleUpon, etc. The final subsection includes information about any feeds available.
The traffic section details what is available from Alexa. There isn’t a mashup of information provided here, but it still includes useful and important information from Alexa.
The people sections lists the people associated, both directly and inderectly, with the website entered.
The spotlight section shows blog entries and other websites that reference the website entered. Some sources include twitter, Google news, Technorati, and many others depending on who is linking to the website.
The company section provides information regarding who the company is, where it is located, the number of employees, when it was founded, any merger/acquisition information, and job openings available.
The technical section lists information about who hosts the website, where the hosting is located, and what type of platform the website is using (ex: wordpress blog)

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