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Create .htaccess Files Online

The .htaccess Editor allows you to easily create .htaccess files online. This is a great service for beginners just starting out or a seasoned developer looking to save some time. .htaccess files are not only very useful and helpful, but they are often essential for websites hosted on a shared host. Unfortunately they are somewhat cumbersome to understand. There are a lot of websites and references available to help you understand the files and syntax and available features, but this website makes it east by creating the syntax for you. I have listed the features available below.


  • Deny all access to files
  • Basic authentication
  • Error page
  • Default page
  • Setup WWW
  • Redirect directives
  • Access restriction

The form is very easy to understand, which allows you to get started right away. Once you fill in the form, it will write the appropriate entry you will need in your .htaccess file. Not only is it easy to use, but it is a learning resource as well. You can gain an understanding for .htaccess files by simply looking at what is created by the form based on your parameters. Once you have created a few of these files, you won’t need a lot of help in creating future files. But for now, take advantage of this great tool.

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