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The 5 Most Popular Posts of the Month – September 2008

The 5 most popular Posts of the month in September were:

  1. Learn HTML & CSS at the HTML Playground
    “The HTML Playground offers XHTML and CSS references by example. The site is still in beta at version 0.4, but offers an easy to use interface that makes digesting all the information displayed simple. It is a fast loading application and I have just found it to be overall a great tool for learning the basics of HTML and CSS.”
  2. Collection of ActionScript Cheat Sheets
    “ offers a number of ActionScript related cheat sheets, including one for both version 2.0 and version 3.0 of ActionScript. There are cheat sheets listing the available packages, details about specific packages, and overviews.”
  3. How To Get Your FeedBurner Circulation With One Simple Function
    “If you have visited a few blogs then I am sure you have seen the FeedBurner stats graphic. The count is very useful, but the graphic itself isn’t very appealing, even with the ability to customize it. Thankfully the FeedBurner API was released, which allows you to retrieve your stats without the graphic.”
  4. 15 Places to Find Your Next CSS Layout
    “Creating a theme is a multistep process. You have to pick the color scheme, decide how many graphics to include and what purpose they will serve, as well as decide on a layout. Sometimes it isn’t easy to decide on a layout and it would be nice to have some examples and ideas to look at. That is what I’m focusing for this post.”
  5. Great Looking Collection of Credit Card Icons
    “Do you accept credit cards through your website? It could be through any number of other third party processing companies like PayPal or Authorize.Net. If so there are some great looking credit card icons available for free. offers a collection of 23 different credit card icons for download. Be sure to check them out and download for free if you like them.”

What was your favorite post this month? Let us know in the comments.

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