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The 5 Most Popular Posts of the Month – August 2008

The 5 most popular Posts of the month in August were:

  1. Library of Over 500 Free Database Models
    “There are over 500 free database models at this website. They are all viewable in data model form and can be saved as an image or printed. You are also able to request an access database for any of the data models available by simply emailing and asking for one.”
  2. 10 Online Magazines for Developers and Designers
    “10 great online magazines for both developers and designers. These sites offer a ton of great information and resources to help a newbie and pro alike.”
  3. Create Standards Compliant Slide Shows With S5
    “S5 (Simple Standards-based Slide Show System) is an easy way to create nice looking slide shows that are completely standards compliant. Using XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript, S5 allows you to view the normal slideshow as well as a printer friendly version. The transitions are fast and smooth.”
  4. 300+ PHP Presentations Online
    “The PHP Presentation System hosts over three hundred presentations, covering a slew of different topics including performance, testing, debugging, XML, and security. The presentations are from speakers at a variety of conferences. You will see (and hear if interested) presentations from speakers like Derick Rethans, Tobias Schlitt, Rasmus Lerdorf and many many more.”
  5. 5 Free Tools for Picking Your Website Color Scheme
    “Picking the colors for your next website is not always an easy task. There are so many great looking websites out there that use some very nice colors. How do you find the color to start with as the base or add to compliment it? Thankfully for those of us that aren’t as creative as we wish we were there are websites available to help us see what a color scheme would look like.”

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