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HTML and CSS Tutorials from HTML Dog

HTML Dog offers HTML and CSS tutorials for a beginner, intermediate, and advanced web designer/developer. The website is very well designed and easy to navigate. The information in the tutorials is clear, concise, informative, very useful, and overall well written. You can also get information from additional references including HTML tags and CSS properties. There are articles available that build on the tutorials providing a more detailed understanding of certain topics. If you would like to see what you have been reading about in the tutorials in action, you can view a large number of examples spread across seven different categories.

The tutorials, articles, and examples from HTML Dog are written with a strict adherence to the Web Standards created by the W3C. The information was created by Patrick Griffiths who has been a front-end web developer using HTML and CSS since 1999. He has contributed to well known and credible sites like A List Apart and the CSS Zen Garden.

If you find the information useful and would like to have a copy of it, you can purchase a copy of the HTML Dog book which includes information similar to the tutorials and articles. You can get your copy at Barnes & Noble, Borders, and

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