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Yahoo! vs. Google: Comparing Search Results

Have you ever wanted to see where your website shows up in the two major search engines for a particular keyword? Well, now you can. Yahoo! vs. Google compares the first 100 search results between the two search engines. You can enter a search term and look at the similarities and differences between the results. The app is a SWF that is clean to look at and easy to use.

Once you enter a keyword, the app generates a point-to-point graph with Google results on the top and Yahoo! results on the bottom. You can follow the blue lines that connect two points to know where a certain website shows up in each search engine. This is a quick way to find out which search engine shows a website in a higher position within the results. It’s a pretty limited tool without a lot of bells and whistles, but it is a useful tool nonetheless. It provides some interesting information that hasn’t been easy to acquire in the past. It’s worth checking out.

4 thoughts on “Yahoo! vs. Google: Comparing Search Results”

  1. Anthony Damasco says:

    This is pretty cool, thanks for the share

  2. Anthony Damasco says:

    cool, thanks for the share

  3. Geetha says:

    Something interesting. I am satisfied with both the search results.

  4. Whitney says:

    Wow this is very interesting thanks it really satisfys what they both have in common and what they have that are different!! Well I g2g k L8TR!!!

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