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Fix the Dreamweaver CS3 No Response FTP Error

Dreamweaver CS3 is a great tool for web developers. It has tons of bells and whistles that help make developing a lot faster and easier. Despite the great things I have to say about it, there is one problem that I experienced while using it with Windows Vista (I have included a screenshot above). The problem lies in the FTP function that allows you to remotely edit a file on your web server. When trying to access a file, whether it is saving, opening, or reading a directory, I would get this no response error. After dealing with this for too long, thankfully I found that there is an easy fix.

I was able to fix this by changing the FTP timeout value in the preferences. Apparently when Dreamweaver is installed, it sets this value to 2 seconds. That turned out to be too short for me. I have seen other people with this issue, and I believe the 2 seconds was too short for them as well. All you need to do to change it is go to the “Site” preferences and make the change. I changed mine to 30 seconds and haven’t received the error since.

In the toolbar, go to Edit > Preferences > Site and change the “FTP Time out” (screenshot below).

I hope this helps and is able to take care of the problem as easily as it did for me.

2 thoughts on “Fix the Dreamweaver CS3 No Response FTP Error”

  1. Stuz says:

    Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

  2. rob says:

    thank you so much … u r a life saver .. I was going nut and thought something was going bad with my provider !

    thanks !!!

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