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Create Standards Compliant Slide Shows With S5

S5 (Simple Standards-based Slide Show System) is an easy way to create nice looking slide shows that are completely standards compliant. Using XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript, S5 allows you to view the normal slideshow as well as a printer friendly version. The transitions are fast and smooth. There are a number of keyboard shortcuts that can be used to navigate through the slides as well. You can check out the full feature list for all the bells and whistles S5 has to offer. Complete with five themes, this slide show package is a great choice. The author has created a primer, a reference, and a FAQ to help you learn and start creating your own slideshows.

There is one warning given about using S5 with Firefox. If you have the AdBlock extension installed, there are known problems with older versions of AdBlock and S5. Be sure you are using the latest AdBlock version and you should be okay. As noted in the comments by Wladimir Palant, the developer of Adblock Plus, this issue is apparently moot.

The overall layout of the slideshow is very clean. It is based on a few <div> tags, and all slides are contained within those. For example, inside the start of the presentation div tag ( <div class=”presentation”> ) are slide div tags ( <div class=”slide”> ). The layout looks a lot like XML when formatted cleanly. I find the “syntax”, if you will, very intuitive; it makes sense and is easy to follow and understand. There is a sample presentation that is nice to help you get started. It is easy to look at and understand. You should be able to quickly gain an understanding for the basics of a slide show. From there, you can add additional formatting and customizations to fit your specific need.

In my opinion, the best part of S5 is its small size and simplicity. The author articulates these points, which I have included below.

I like complex, powerful tools. Why should I use a “simple” slide show system?
Actually, the “simple” part refers mostly to the file structure, and also to the fact that you can create a decent slide show system with a few open Web standards. However, it does also express the anticipated simplicity of the slides themselves. Read the full explanation at the S5 FAQ page.

Check out the sample slideshow and give S5 a shot.

2 thoughts on “Create Standards Compliant Slide Shows With S5”

  1. Wladimir Palant says:

    Actually, that warning can be safely ignored – not only do you need a very old Adblock version (not Adblock Plus, it never had this problem), you also need Firefox 1.0 or below.

  2. Scott Spear says:

    Thanks for the comment. I amended the post according to your info.

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