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5 Free Tools for Picking Your Website Color Scheme

Picking the colors for your next website or logo design is not always an easy task. There are so many great looking websites out there that use some very nice colors. How do you find the color to start with as the base or add to compliment it? Thankfully for those of us that aren’t as creative as we wish we were there are websites available to help us see what a color scheme would look like. Here are some of the websites available.

Adobe Kuler

This is one of the coolest color applications I’ve used. It allows you to register an account in order to save color schemes you create or like to easily return to them at a later time. There are recent and best lists for color schemes that have been created by others. You can create your own or pick one that someone else has made. Being able to browse the others helps in finding the right scheme for you. The app lets you control and change each of the five colors or choose one to start with and create a scheme based on rule sets (analogous, monochromatic, triad, complimentary, compound, and shades). Another cool thing about Kuler is its ability to pick a color from an uploaded picture.

Color Wizard

The Color Wizard is very similar to Adobe Kuler. It has the ability to pick many different colors and provides RGB color sliders for fine tuning. Once you pick a color, a general scheme is generated and allows you to filter based on the rule sets (monochromatic, analogous, triadic, tetradic, complimentary, and split-complimentary). You are given a scheme made up of four colors. You don’t have the ability to save schemes for later, but this is still a great tool for color schemes.

Colour Scheme Chooser

This is the slowest loading application that I found but it is worth the wait. The app was originally created by SitePro Central. You have the ability to choose a color to start with based on HEX and RGB as well as providing a color picker. A scheme of seven colors is created for you based on rule sets (monochromatic, analogic, analogic+, complimentary, and split-complimentary, triadic, and double contrast).

Color Schemer

This application is available both online and as a downloadable desktop installation. It isn’t as fancy looking as Adobe’s but it gets the job done. You are able to pick a color to start with either by HEX or RGB code or clicking on a color and a palette will be generated based on that color. Once you have picked your base color and the palette has been created you can lighten or darken the entire palette. If you see another color in the palette that you like better you can simply click on the color and a new palette will be generated based on the new color as the base. A palette of 16 colors is created.

ColorToy 2.0

This is yet another Flash application that allows you to start with a base color and have a scheme created from that color. There aren’t many bells and whistles offered but it will generate nine colors that work well together. You can use HEX or RGB to select your base color or use a random function that will pick a color for you.

What other resources do you use to pick your color scheme? Let us know in the comments.

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