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Interview: A Conversation With the Creator of

I am very excited to post my first interview today! I have asked the creator of, Kris Powell, to answer some questions about the site. Kris has turned a Digg like website for Christians into a common stop for Christian news junkies. "GospelScoop is your voice in the news world. You the viewer has control over what content hits the front page. You vote, You comment, You are in Control" ( There are topics ranging from family to technology. A big thanks goes to Kris for agreeing to answer some questions about the site. I hope you enjoy.

  • Why did you start GospelScoop?

GospelScoop came mostly out of my own need for a one stop news source. I have always liked the approach to handling news, but have been turned off by its anti-Christian user base. When I set out to start GospelScoop it was not to create a Christian news source, but just a news source and community that dealt with news, commentary, and websites that Christians may be interested in.

  • Where did you get the idea for GospelScoop?

I had though about creating a digg-like site for several years, but it was not until the Christian Digg clone I was visiting became unmaintained, spam-ridden, and very buggy. So I decided to take some of the ideas that that particular site was founded on and went looking for a better solution to meet the needs of the community.

  • How did you come up with the name "GospelScoop"?

As I'm sure you understand its all because of domain availability! I went though probably 50 names and was pretty discouraged until this one popped in my head and the domain was available.

  • What does GospelScoop have to offer its users that they can only get from GospelScoop?

I like to think that GospelScoop offers and safe, friendly, and non-threatening community, as well as a lot of great content that you would find grouped together elsewhere.

  • Are there any new features or changes we can expect from GospelScoop in the near future?

It's an exciting time at GospelScoop, as we are still in our infancy; we have many great features coming in the near future including: A Facebook App, Google Gadgets, and other integration with other social community sties.

  • What is your long term plan for GospelScoop?

I would like to see become the premier Christian News site. I would also like to see it become completely self-sufficient which would allow for more expansion for the myIchthus Ministry Group.

  • What advice do you have for other webmasters trying to start a website?

Well I guess the best advice I have is to make sure there is a need for the site you want to create. Nothing is worse then spending weeks developing a site and then realizing it has already been done and established by someone else. Other than that everything else is in the name, be very careful in choosing the name for you website.

  • What was/is the hardest part of starting GospelScoop?

I think the hardest part of starting any new site is naming the site. Besides that I always find it difficult to not lose hope in those first few grueling months of slow growth. All of that changes once a community takes hold.

  • How large is your development team for GospelScoop?

The development team consist only of myself and I have two moderators who help to keep the content clean.

  • How many posts have you had (total and average)?

Since our launch at the end of April 2008 we have had over 1,200 stories submitted. We average around 50- 60 submissions per day.

  • How many visitors are you averaging?

We are averaging around 130 unique visitors per day.

  • How many users do you have registered?

We are currently nearing our 100th user account.

  • What gets you most excited about GospelScoop?

When we launched the site in late April I never imagined that here less than two months later we would already have a community base that is rapidly expanding and nearly doubling every single week. This is mostly thanks to the Facebook Group "Support" that has jump started our community.

Thanks again to Kris for taking the time to answer these questions. Be sure to check out the site and submit some content.

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