Browse By Makes Link Submitting Easier Than Ever

Social Marker brings all of your link submissions together. What great potential this website has. This site could save a lot of time for people who like to participate in both the social networking and social bookmarking aspect of web 2.0. Social Marker allows you to submit your post or link to any or all of the 47 websites they have integrated with. The interface is very easy to use. I have listed below some of the features that Social Marker boasts.

  • Free Service – What a great price! You can submit your links through this tool absolutely free.
  • Browser Compatibilities – Although they recommend using firefox, the service is compatible with all major web browsers.
  • Bookmarklet – They have designed a simple bookmarklet that you can drag and drop into your bookmarks’ toolbar. The bookmarklet automatically fills in the URL and the title of the page. All you have to do is select the text you want used as the description. Once you have highlighted some text, just click the bookmarklet and it loads the Social Marker web page with the submission forms pre-filled.
  • 47 Site Submissions – The service is compatible with 47 of the biggest social bookmarking services available like Digg, Slashdot, Reddit, StumbleUpon, and to name a few.
  • WordPress Plugin – They have developed a wordpress plugin that enables you to add their service links to your posts to help spread the word about your posts directly from your blog.
  • Javascript Button – For those of you who don’t use wordpress, you can use their pure javascript version of the wordpress plugin that enables you to post the link on any page on any site with just a couple lines of javascript.
  • Easy Interface – Their interface for submitting your link to all the different sites is very easy and intuitive. They have designed a form that automatically fills in most of the fields and harnesses drag & drop capabilities for the rest.

This website is definitely worth watching. There is a lot of potential for it. They are also looking for developers to help them continue in the development of the service. You can visit the website at for more details.

Caveat: You have to have an account for each website you are attempting to submit to.

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