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How does my website rank?

Having a regularly viewed website is a goal for most bloggers and websites on the internet. Driving traffic to your site is not always easy and even harder to maintain. The content needs to be fresh, relevant, and worth reading. Well, how do you know if your website/blog is gaining visitors or being viewed regularly?

Reporting Suite

  • Google Analytics – Google is the best in so many categories, and I believe Google Analytics is the best free reporting tool available on the web. It tracks so many aspects of website traffic and allows you to analyze the data and make useful information, like charts, graphs, and other reports, out of it. Having all the data in the world doesn’t do you any good, if you can’t understand what you are seeing. Google takes the data and reports it as information through dashboards, graphs, and charts, taking the data to the next level. This is a great tool, and it is free!
  • Alexa – Alexa is a graphical tool for comparing website ranks and statistics. It provide site overviews, traffic details, and related links. This is one of the best site comparison tools out there because of its easy to use and nice to look at interface. They offer a toolbar for faster tracking as well as other free and premium services.
  • Compete – Compete is similar to Alexa in that it too provides graphical ranks, statistics, and information for one or more websites. Compete offers search analysis statistics as well.
  • FeedBurner – This is a full suite of reporting and tracking tools for your RSS/Atom feeds. The free tools are more than enough for starting out and there is a pro-version available as well.

Link Popularity

  • – This is a fast and easy tool for checking backlinks, Google PageRank,, Alexa rank, and more.
  • UrlTrends – This is another tool for checking search engine ranks and backlinks, and also provides more graphical results as charts and graphs.
  • Xinu Returns – I have no idea how to say this website’s name, but it is one of the cooler websites I’ve used to check my website rankings and backlinks.

How do you track your website rank, backlinks, and statistics? Let everyone know by posting your favorite apps in the comments.


  • AWStats – This is a great tool that I neglected to add to the original post. AWStats needs to be installed and configured on your server to track statistics. It provides a lot of the same type of information that Google Analytics does.

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    Useful post. What do you? You could add experience based inputs..

  2. Alvin Ashcraft says:

    You should also check out Nice stats there. They have some basic stuff for free, and additional info for paid accounts.

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