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A Guide To Promoting Your Website

It is not an easy task to be the webmaster of a website. There are a lot of responsibilities that come along with having the [email protected] email address forwarded to yours. The responsibility I am focusing on for this post is website promotion. Thankfully, there are multiple ways to do self-promotion and increase the amount of visitors your website has.

  • Prayer and Praise – Prayer is the best way to promote your site. Give God what’s on your heart, and he will take care of you. If you are pursuing the path God has laid out for you, then your constant prayer and praise will give you more return on your investment than you could ever measure. God is the God of miracles; he can do through you what you cannot imagine! Give all the glory to God!
  • Word of Mouth – I have found that spreading the word to your friends and family is a great way to increase your visitor count. Even if your friends and family aren’t “into” what you blog about, they are “into” your success; so they tend to visit anyways. They also in turn tell other people, who then tell even more people. It creates a great chain just by getting your friends and family in on your blog.
  • Social News – Social news sites such as Digg, Mixx, and DZone, just to name a few popular sites, are a great way to get some exposure and traffic. These sites allow users to vote on what content they like and if you make it to the front page, your traffic could dramatically increase. (Be sure your site can withstand by-products like the Digg-Affect. This spike in traffic could overwhelm your server and cause down time.)
  • Forums – Forums are a great place to post your website. You can typically include the address in your signature. Not only will you gain traffic from forums, you will likely get reviews and comments to help you improve your website. This technique is twofold, because not only do you get more traffic, you have the chance to learn and be part of a community as well.
  • Blog Comments – One of the most important aspects of a blog to me is the comments. I see the comments as a way to grow a community of readers and stay in touch with them. I don’t just want people to read my blog, I want them to gain something. When I leave a comment in another blog, it is because I found something great in it and want to contribute to that site’s growth and development. You can also typically post back to a post you wrote previously that relates to the post you are currently commenting on.
  • Guest Blogger – Networking is incredibly important in any business, and blogging is no different. Get to know other bloggers and try to exchange links. Besides gaining a link, you can try to write a guest post for free in hopes of gaining credibility. If they like your post, they may send more links your way or continue to have you post for them on a regular basis.
  • Good Old Fashioned Content – The best way in my opinion to promote your website is to blog to your fullest potential in every single post. Don’t hurry or rush. Take your time; write accurately, and write in a way that keeps your readers engaged and leaves them wanting more. The content will speak for itself. Search engines will pick up good titles, and the reader can then judge the content. The better your content, the better your traffic.

What has worked for you in promoting your website? Let us know in the comments.

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