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5 Best Christian Webmaster Resources

Here is my “Best of” list. I know there are tons of “Best of” lists floating around on blogs, but I have never read one that was for Christian webmasters looking to improve everywhere they can. This list is as much for me as anyone who reads it.

  1. Christian Web Masters Forums – This website has a blog as well as forums that cater to Christian webmasters. The forums are the best part of the site, although the blog has some good posts to learn from also. The forums include many different aspects related to being a web master, from programming in certain languages to setting up and managing a web server. This is my favorite Christian webmaster resource.
  2. 60+ tips for effective church sites – This list of tips provides great insight into what makes a “good” church website and what makes a “bad” church website. There are many concepts listed that will help you have an organized/clean appearance, as well as tips to help you create a useful website, in order to keep people viewing your website, rather than driving them away. Even though this list is intended for church websites, a lot of these principles can be applied to other websites as well church website and what makes a .
  3. Christian webmaster help resources: Tips, tricks, and links – This list is from; it is like the previous resource, but more generalized rather than specific to church websites. There are resources for CSS, hosting, SEO, graphics, and more. Resources 2 & 3 are both from and are just a few great posts from them. I would encourage you to browse the rest of their website and gain as much from them as you can.
  4. Godbit Project – This website features articles that stress the importance of church and Christian websites’ compliance with W3C standards. The Godbit Project also provides a large forum for users; it has over 23,000 posts. There is a lot of good content here; you might have to look around the forums a little first though.
  5. Church Marketing Sucks – This blog defines its mission as being “to frustrate, educate and motivate the church to communicate, with uncompromising clarity, the truth of Jesus Christ” (Church Marketing Sucks). The blog has a list of article categories, which is too long to list. There is so much great content on this site. This site has more general reading about topics than specifics regarding being a webmaster. However, the articles are great reads and have a lot of valuable information nonetheless.

Be sure to leave comments with any other resources that have been helpful in your ministry as a Christian webmaster!

3 thoughts on “5 Best Christian Webmaster Resources”

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    Thanks, take care and God bless!

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