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10 Most Common Church Website Features

A church website needs to offer its members and visitors a feature set that will keep them engaged and interested in knowing more about the church and its ministries. This will keep them visiting the site on a continual basis and keep members informed and connected. The following is a list of some of the most common features on church websites:

  • Calendar – A calendar keeps members and visitors alike aware of what is happening at the church and how they can get involved.
  • Sermon Audio & Video – There are multiple reasons that churches post sermon audio and video on their website. Members travel and aren’t always able to be at their normal church and like to see what they missed. Visitors that aren’t members of the church often listen to other pastors that they have visited or heard before. This feature also allows individuals who are considering joining or trying your church the opportunity to hear what is important to your church.
  • Podcasts – Apple iTunes has become the most popular music site. Podcasts are typically sermons, but sometimes worship music that are posted to iTunes. This is an amazing way to keep visitors because so many people are already connected to iTunes.
  • Newsletter – Newsletters have been around for quite a while; the reason for this is due to their success at keeping people connected and aware of updates.
  • Photos – Photos let a visitor see the congregation and help potential visitors feel more comfortable before they ever step foot in the door. Photos of baptisms, dedications, and children’s services can also give potential visitors an idea of what to expect at your church services. This is a great way for members, visitors, potential visitors and guests to feel like they’re connected to your church.
  • Prayer Requests – Although most churches have prayer requests on Sunday mornings around services, there is a constant need for prayer at all times. “Pray without ceasing” (1Thess. 5:17). An online prayer request area keeps everyone praying for needs that happen throughout the week.
  • Online Donations – Donations are always helpful to a church, beyond the typical tithes and offerings taken during the services. The extra can help with side projects or extra missions programs or an endless amount of other possible ministries.
  • Staff Pages – About pages are a necessity. They offer a slight glimpse into the lives and worlds of a church’s leaders and staff.
  • Blogs – Blogs are used to offer the visitors some insight as to how the church bloggers (usually leaders) see the world and its issues. This is a great way to let your visitors get to know the pastors and leaders on a personal level.
  • Daily Verse/Daily Bible Reading – A daily verse or Bible reading schedule is a good way to keep a steady stream of traffic on your church’s website. It also assists and encourages people to read the Bible on a regular basis and can even help them memorize some scripture.

What are your favorite church website features? What features are needed? Tell us in the comments what you think.

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    Hi Scott

    Very interesting thoughts. Would you like to check out our church website design self-assessment tool with ideas for making church sites user-friendly to outsiders.



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    Very nicely put together list.

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