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Monthly Archives: June 2008

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The Best Web 2.0 Tutorials For Photoshop

Here is a list of the best Web 2.0 Photoshop tutorials, for those of us who aren’t natural geniuses with Photoshop. We’ve all looked at the beautiful buttons, badges, logo design, and other images that the Web 2.0 style has given us, and it’s all

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LightWindow JavaScript Framework Review

LightWindow is a JavaScript framework based on Prototype and Scriptaculous. If you aren’t familiar with these two amazing resources, it is definitely worth your time to become familiar with them. They are two of the most useful resources available for Web 2.0 developing. LightWindow takes

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Real Time Website Stats From

I ran across a new website, W3Counter, that offers free tracking of your website stats. It has the look and feel of Google Analytics. I was registered, set up, and ready to add the tracking code in only a few minutes. This site has some

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Internet Explorer 8 Beta Overview

Microsoft has released Internet Explorer 8 Beta. This release is meant mostly for developers and designers, so that they can test the new browser. “Internet Explorer 8 will take the web experience beyond the page. Internet Explorer 8 introduces a new way to seamlessly experience

The Best Developer Cheat Sheets Around

Who doesn’t like a helpful cheat sheet to have around? They save so much time and really help you learn what you are working with in an easy to understand format. I have gathered a list of the cheat sheets I have found to be

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How To Begin Podcasting

For those of you that are new to podcasting, you should really jump on the bandwagon. Podcasting is a great way to keep people engaged and involved. Podcasting is just one of the many amazing resources available to companies, personal sites, and churches alike. Many