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Facebook Wins…

I have finally given in and registered for Facebook (thanks Nate). I have stood strong (and alone) in my stance against having a Facebook account. I am a nerd and nerds spend entirely too much time on computers as it is, so I only viewed Facebook as a potential problem. Turns out I was right…

I registered for Facebook at the request of developing a Facebook Application for conVerge Church. As I figured, Facebook is now a new tool for me to learn and will consume many hours of browsing documentation, testing code, and developing new apps. At the moment the application is very basic, but with any help from God, I will be able to learn the Facebook API and turn the app into a fun and useful tool. I am very happy to continue helping conVerge Church with their online presence and will continue to develop, whether it be their website or Facebook Apps!

Be sure to check out both the website and the Facebook Application.

Comments and requests are always welcome and appreciated in helping me develop new and helpful pieces to the website!

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